Its Me Rebecca and I am on Adult Friend Finder,
Flipper_N_Liquor is my AFF Username Cum see my profile to meet me for sex now!

So you want to try Adult Friend Finder and Get Laid! I am glad you came to read the Free advice I can give you about finding Hot Girls for Sex and how to weed out the flakes and fakes on

I Figured if I put on My Glasses I might look more intelligent... LOL
But, you guys have seen how much luck I have had on adultfriendfinder already so you should know that I have a method for weeding out the idiots so I can actually get laid by the real people. Even my hubby has good results finding girls for us using my advice too...

Your welcome to read below and I help you step by step to your goal of meeting others and having some really great sex with the people on Adult Friend Finder!  ... Read to get laid... what a great concept  :)


Let's Tackle helping the SINGLE GUYS to get laid on AFF first!


Lets start out with the fun part but it is such and important part of weeding out the flakes and fake people on AFF... you know the kind, the pic collectors, the girls with websites wanting you to pay them money to see their site, the guys posing as girls and so on... The photos they post are a big tip off if you read the signs right!

This profile that is so fake in my opinion SexyMarathonGirl why you ask... She is wearing the same clothes in every pic, it probably came from a photo shoot from a website, not a hair on her head is out of place, she is posing its not a natural shot and everything in the background of the photo is very neat... nothing is out of place. All that plus if you read the profile she is asking for a direct email address so stay away! Your email addy will be sold and you will have spam city if you send it to them! I know that Adult Friend Finder stops a lot of them but use the right head when you look for sex, leave your dick in your pants for now... and continue to browse the profiles.


Like I said before when you look at the pics in their adult friend finder profiles look at the details... Like my example above... when I met this guy from AFF and brought him home I sure as heck didn't worry where I got fucked. When we got home and got we our clothes off he laid me down the first place he could. I didn't worry about my dogs bone being by my head or the x-mas decorations not hung up yet that are in the back ground... and you can tell by my face that I can really feel his hard cock going in my tight pussy and I loved every thick inch of it. Sure my hubby could of moved the bone and garland but he was to busy taking a few photos and watching me get a good fucking! SO when you look at the pics in the AFF Profiles look for real life settings NOT: posed, neat background, models, girls wearing the same clothes in a series, lighting just right and perfect hair. Also, Beware or be smart if the girl or couple only has one photo posted they might not be real... if you run into those kind of profiles on adultfriendfinder most likely you should pass them by but if you really think their real write them but if they have an auto reply or reply directly to your email asking for your direct email outside of AFF delete it and move on. I never give out our email I ask them to reply to us on AFF or please go away. When your trying to get laid be Sherlock Holmes kinda and look for clues to see if they are real or not.


I'll use my profile on for an example of what to look for so check out Flipper_N_Liquor and I will give you some insight on my 5 photos in the profile. The main photo I'm bent over waiting for a light spanking. Three things should cum to mind when looking at that free photo. One, of course I like a light spanking, Two, I like to play with girls since a cutie is holding the paddle and Three I like to be naked in public. I'm an exhibitionist at heart and love to flirt. Now the first small free pic of me having sex in the shower... Three things to read into this photo. One, I like sex in the shower, Two, I show the other girls or couples the size of my hubby's dick and Three, I like hot sex from behind. On the second small photo... You can tell I like some form of group sex, you are re-assured I like girls and the newest thing you can tell I like both a nice white or black dick, I am very open minded. The next photo you can now tell I like couples, I love sex in public to add excitement. The last photo you can tell I love to tease a lot of guys at once, I'm naked in public again and I like to be daring!


Now to recap the free photos I have in my flipper_n_liquor profile on adult friend finder to make me feel more real to the guys and girls who browse the profiles. I made sure people looking at my photos know I like both dick and pussy, so the single guys, girls with big tits and couples know it is ok to write me through AFF. Both white and black guys married or single see they have a chance to meet me to play, you can see I like all kinds of sex, I also made sure you see me in different setting in different clothes so the people know I am pretty much real and you can tell I like to be a big flirt and an exhibitionist as well. I really tried do everything I could to put all the people on AFF at ease so they write to me... after all I am on there to get laid and I want them to know that!
Photos really do speak a thousand words if you take the time to read them!

Remember, is in my opinion a Site where millions of people are looking for hot sex. I would not treat it like a dating site. If your looking for a dating site is where you need to be! So when you Sign Up for Your FREE Account on their Adult sex site do yourself a big favor. Keep in mind the real people that browse your profile are looking for sex nothing more nothing less so be picky about the free photos you post. Your main photo needs to catch the peoples eye be doing something creative in the photo and it should be something you like to do. I would be in some sort of undress too not just a close up cock shot even if you are very well hung. ( IMO I do like to see the size of it in the main photo but be creative about it ). The other photos you post on adult friend finder should contain one G rated full length photo.

Now depending what your looking for determines what last three pics you put up. If your only looking for single girls put up a close up of your cock rock hard and ONLY 2 pics of you with a single girl. If your looking for a couple so you can fuck his wife put up 2 photos of you having sex with other couples and a close up of your cock rock hard. Also, do not worry if you do not have a monster cock, Girls like all sizes even me. I know my profile says I only want guys over 9 inches but I had to put that up so I didn't have every single guy on adultfriendfinder emailing me. I might end up doing a mass delete and missing someone I would have really liked to fuck! If you are a bi or gay guy put up pics that would entice others like that to contact you. That is not something I am into at all but there is a nice selection of bi, gay or cuckhold guys (in a couple) out there for you to find for sex of that type. Also, on your photos you post I would do what I do and put your adult friend finder name on it like you have seen in my photos. Heck I sometimes put it on twice... it just makes it harder for someone to steal it and use it on their profiles. If they really want it they can still use it but it will take them time to remove the writing off of your free photos of what ever sex pic you are posting. Note my photo to the right to see how I put my AFF name on it. It might make the photo look cluttered but I do not care if the time wasters can't see a clear photo, but I do know the real people looking for others like me can still tell I am real and that I am enjoying getting fucked as my ass is up high in the air begging for more... a lot more! So use correctly, pick the right photos to post that will do you the most good so you get laid.

I am almost done talking about the photos you should post. Last but not least you get to post photos in your private albums and only the people you invite can see those photos! So if you need to be discrete on your main profile photos your private album is were you need to put your more graphic photos and a pic of your face. No matter what size your dick is the girls will want to know you can use what you've got. So in your photo album you get to add a short description AND a long description for each photo, do both and make it sound realistic and believable. Check out my album for Flipper_N_Liquor to see what I mean. One last piece of advice on the photos you post don't Steal someone else's photos and use as your own. The fakes & flakes out there won't care they just want to see free dirty pics but the REAL people that search and browse the profiles on AFF day after day looking to get laid will probably recognize the photos and know one of you are fucked up and will just pass you by. If you don't have any photos yet rub one out and take some. If you don't have a camera just go buy a cheap camera and take some very hot photos but make sure your cock is very hard to make you look like your proud and know how to use it. Size doesn't matter but know one likes a 3 minute man either...



Moving on to your AdultFriendFinder profile itself.


Be Real, Be Honest, just be really fucking honest. I can't stress that enough! If your Young, Old, anorexic or overweight there will be people out there that want to have sex with you. I know older ladies that like to fuck young guys and I know young girls that only want to fuck older men because of their experience. But know one likes lied to in anyway. So please be very, very honest to enhance your chances at getting laid a lot through
Now for your basic profile you will have choices like:
You Want To Meet ... a Man, a Woman, a Couple (man and woman), a Group, a Couple (two women), a Couple (two men), a TS/TV/TG
Erotic Chat/Email/Phone Fantasies , 1-on-1 sex, Discreet Relationship, Group sex (3 or more), Bondage & Discipline, Cross-Dressing, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Sadism & Masochism, Miscellaneous Fetishes, Other "Alternative" Activities


These are easy choices for you to make, no one knows you better than yourself but a lot of people are in a hurry to Sign up Free to AFF and just click everything. DON'T DO IT take the extra few seconds to click ONLY what applies to you. If I see a guys profile that says he is straight but in his basic profile it says he is looking for a man, a Couple (two men) or a TS/TV/TG ... I know he is either gay, just lied or he is straight and rushed through his profile, either way I pass up his profile and he may of been someone I wanted to have sex with. If people rush through their profiles in my opinion they are desperate to get laid  and are in a hurry or they would just rush through sex too with me, so I don't want to deal with neither cases. Also, post your correct age.

Your Introduction Title is very important as the people on adult friend finder see this, your location, your age and your main photo when they do a search or browse for others to have sex with. Your introduction on AFF should be to the point and a little creative! Think about it something cute will cum to you :)

Your Introduction Text (e.g. describe who you are and what you like/dislike) is a valuable tool so use it! Remember is meant to be a site where adults cum to find sex, its a fucking site not a dating site. The secret of your profile is not to rush writing it. Do it on note pad first and take your time. Tell the people that found you by browsing the profiles a tiny bit about you and exactly the kind of sex you like and dislike if you have any... Be straight forward because the REAL people will read this to decide if they email you or not. Please don't sound romantic or mushy... They want laid not a date on this adult sex site!

The Describe What You're Looking For in a Person section is just as important as your introduction of yourself. If you have certain preferences write them here along with what you are looking for sex wise. If you only want single girls let them know, if you're ready to join a couple for a threesome with his wife definitely tell them in this section. If you really like group sex type it in here... Be creative but don't sound to desperate!

Your Personal Information is easy just pick whether your straight, smoke, drink etc.. fill it out completely and pick what applies to you but don't make a mistake. If your straight it would be embarrassing if your profile says bisexual, not only that but you won't be searched out by a cutie that wants a straight guy so take your time and double check everything and you will be on your way to getting laid on this adult sex site by some cutie!

Your Physical Information is simple just make sure it is accurate... if your over 6 foot tall and you clicked 4 foot chances are a lot of girls would pass you by... LOL Again double check it for accuracy.

If you want to get laid from anyone on Be Honest, Be Reliable (answer emails timely), Be Real and follow all the advice I gave you so far and a few other things below and You will be sticking your dick deep inside some cutie  from AFF very soon!


In this section I will help you out with my advice on these features of adult friend finder ... Add to Hotlist. Send them a wink, Invite to join my Network and Interest Groups you join.

Add people to your Hotlist - Do it for sure, anytime you browse AFF and find a cutie that you might want to have sex with add them to your hotlist even if you do not email them right away because... They will notice you added them to your hotlist and if they go check you out and read your well thought out profile and like what they read and saw... there is a good chance they will even email you first! I have had a lot of luck when I browse the profiles and add people I like to my hotlist! I haven't bothered them and usually they check me out and write me soon after I added them!


Send a wink - It can be a good or bad thing. The good thing about it is that you let the cutie know your interested in them. If they are interested in you they can email you, if they are not into you then they can just ignore you. The bad thing is if you send a wink some people think you took the lazy way out and did not take the time to send them an email hence maybe ruining a chance to get laid because they won't take the time to email you since you didn't take the time to email them.

My preference about this is: I like a wink over an email if you don't meet my requirements of what I am looking for. You really haven't bothered me and if I check your profile out and like it I will email you. Hence since you have not really bothered me and you might not be my perfect play toy but you approached me in a polite way I just might be flexible with my requirements and meet up with you for some fun! I like and Email over a wink if you are what I am looking for according to my profile. I would take it as an insult if you were lazy and did not email me and just winked.

Invite to join my Network - Ok your friends network is important for sure. Don't invite 1000's of people to your adultfriendfinder network you will look desperate or worse a pic collector as the people in your friends network can see your private photo albums and you can see theirs if they have one. I keep my friends network to only those that live in my area or those I am really interest in meeting sometime. You will be taken more serious and real if you are picky who you invite or accept an invitation from on AFF. You want to be as Real and Honest as possible so you get laid from instead of sitting at home jacking off to the hot free pics of the girls you could of had by acting smarter.

The Interest Groups you join tell other Adult Friend Finder people a lot about you. Be selective of the groups you join as that can portray to other AFF people the kind of person you are. But definitely join the groups that do really interest you no matter what some will think. The groups are a good place to meet others with the same like and dislikes you have towards sex and more.

Magazine Articles and Personal Blogs tell others more about you too so use them to your benefit. The real people on adult friend finder looking for sex do read them especially if they are thinking about fucking you! If you have all nice things to say it can help, if you are bashing someone it can and usually will scare them off. As a general rule nothing good ever cums from being mean to anyone and it may cum back and bite you in the ass later. Talk about the great and fun times you have had with others in the past.


I think the last thing I can't stress enough is not to rule out married or attached girls! It is fine to look for the single girls but to expand your chances considerably for sure think about fucking the married women too! Some cheat on their hubby's, some like to fuck single guys while the husbands watch, some straight guys will invite you to help fuck their wives, some wives like to invite a few single guys to cum gangbang them and heck some wives have permission to go out and have sex with a guy and cum back home to tell their spouse how well they had just been fucked by the stud! I myself like all the above it adds spice to my life!!! Whatever you choose if it is with a couple do not be afraid to tell them what your comfortable with and what turns you on and what your limits are they will do the same. Help a marriage FUCK someone's WIFE!

      provides such a great opportunity to meet married girls for no strings attached sex. Imagine that you don't have to spend money on a date hoping to get laid when these wives get horny and they email you for a booty call, you get to go over, bang the bitch and go home satisfied after hours of fucking. To cool and Adult Friend Finder makes it fun and easy to get laid.

As you can see in the above free photo my pussy lips are always swollen thinking about me getting laid next and I am so very tight most dicks feel big to me! If you think you just might like to fuck my pussy silly please cum Sign Up FREE and email me at My Flipper_N_Liquor AFF Profile. My hubby likes to watch me fuck guys and I love to get fucked too!


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I hope you Single Guys out there follow my advice on how to get laid on adult friend finder very closely.
It will greatly increase your chances of getting laid on AFF so good luck to you all. If your interested in meeting me Sign Up Free to and email me from my Flipper_N_Liquor profile. Even if you don't want to meet me please stay in touch to let me know how my advice helped you find sex!



Next Page has Advice for Couples that Search for the Elusive Single Bisexual Girl on AFF!







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