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Taylor when we are driving down the road... well I need you to suck my big dick."

"We soon will be to the car Taylor Bow and your going to suck my cock good."

"Please Taylor Bow, start grabbing my cock now. I can't really wait."

"All right, but you'll have to lean over the console. There is nothing in your way."

"TaylorBow You'll swallow my cum, won't you?"

"Yes," Taylor said, pulling down my zipper.

We started driving, her in the passenger side and me in the driver side. I heard her taking off her clothes, and then Taylor's big tits were exposed "moaning" as she taylor bow rubbed her tits over my hard cock. I heard more clothes coming off as Taylor Bow Ex-Girlfriend said, "just wait, I will be... sucking your dick soon!"

"What do you mean?" I was trying to remain Calm.

"When you saw Taylor Bow ExGirlfriend naked and exposed."

"Taylor Bow, I was only exposing my big tits for you, my soon to be ex-girlfriend exclaimed."

"That's a bunch of fuck nuts. You're Taylor Bow a big Slut you will swallow. I was watching, and it turned me on. Now she wanted to know if I liked what I saw." Then, so softly, "And please call me Taylor. Oliver will you make me feel good?" So "Taylor Bow, you have a very beautiful firm body, but I don't think we should stop with this till I cum."

Taylor Bow Ex Girlfriend stepped into the Car, completely naked in the glowing moonlight. The soft lighting showed every curve, and the teen Taylor walked to me, her big round ass swaying and her boobs making a soft bouncing noise with each step she took. When she stopped in front of me, Taylor Bow unclipped the bun of her long hair, and her shoulders looked so soft and smooth.

"Why? Oliver you will be cumming on my teen tits soon. Do you like it my big breasts?"

Taylor Bow TaylorBow slid over closer and put her arms around my neck then. Her lips found mine and kissed me deeply. I was excited, anticipating, then with no more waiting. I cupped her ass with both of my hands, squeezing firmly, and Taylor moaned through the kiss of our lips. One hand slid off my neck and inched down, finally finding my bulging crotch and rubbing my now growing erection of my cock. Taylor moaned again and unbuckled my belt with her slim fingers, pulled down the zipper and pushed my pants down. I was commando so, then her tiny fingers wrapped around my dick. She started to stroke me slowly to I was totally erect, like her nipples, while her tongue played with mine. As I played with her breast her whole body quivered and she kissed harder.

Taylor Bow broke the kiss for a moment, just to see her tiny hands gently stroking my cock, playing with the head with her finger tips, till some pre-cum started to stir. "Please... " was all I said, I wanted Taylor to keep teasing me. Still driving down the road she continued to keep stroking.

Taylor made love like a woman starved for a nice cock. She seemed to be trying to touch every inch of my dick with all of her body possible even her nice girls big tits. She loved the teasing of her breasts from the head of my cock, her belly tightened, her hips gyrated and thighs spread wide, and when I pulled on her on her nipple, her round ass bucked back and forth in the intense pleasure of an orgasm. She did not, or couldn't stop. Taylor slid my hand to her swollen pussy lips, gently rubbing my fingers over her cameltoe until I matched her rhythm. As I slid a finger between her pussy lips to the soft and very wet camel toe, she arched her back wildly, riding her wet pussy over my fingers. As she slid up and down on the car seat, I rubbed Taylor Bow with a second finger over her clit, and she tensed up again with a serious moan and Taylor Bow Videos groan.

"Oh, Wow, don't stop, don't stop," Taylor Bow begged as she tried to ride my hand harder and faster. Her hand found my still hard cock again and began stroking me. "Don't go off yet I want to suck you awhile."

It was hard to continue driving but I kept trying, as I slipped a third finger in and out of Taylor Bow's soaked pussy, I began rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb. "Ahhhhhh, I'm going to cum again." Taylor's hips shock and she yelled out with yet another intense orgasm. As she climaxed, Taylor Bow Blowjobs her hand began pulling my cock to her waiting mouth, her road head was great!

"Now, start sucking my cock. Suck my cock, yes slut deep throat it now." Taylor Bow spread her mouth wide, and pulled my cock till she swallowed the entire length. Her soft hand stroked me to the edge, and urged me to cum. I tried to hold back, to make it last longer, but she was so good at giving head, and pushed her lips against me so tight, that I slid my cock in and out of her wanting mouth while I caressed her big tits first. Taylor moaned, over and over as she kept giving me an intense blow job, "Ahhhh, that's it. umm... it's been so long... feels so good... oh Yes... right there... don't stop... faster, faster... I gasp... faster you slut bitch."

Taylor Bow pulled and tugged me with her lips and sucked me fiercely, her tongue teased my head of my cock never missing a stroke. She used one hand to pull at my balls, then Taylor Bow took my throbbing cock deeper, as she fondled her breast and rolled her nipple with her other hand. Taylor was a teen out of control of her own body, instead giving in to her instinct and stroking me off to swallow my cum. Taylor Bow caressed, she gagged, she ground her mouth against me when I was about to explode within her deep throat, all the keeping me on the edge with her twisting tongue. As she got me to the height of orgasm her passion intensified, she began making slurping sounds through her kisses of my cock, the soft sounds of a teen ready to make me explode with a huge load of cum. Her body stiffened, then thrust, against me, and the sounds became an opera of total passion. I erupted in her waiting mouth, thrusting in hard and I cried out again, and again, filling her mouth with a huge load of my warm cum. I groaned as she started sucking again, sliding herself over my softening dick until I moaned again, arching high, and I cried out in yet another sensitive orgasm. Finally, I relaxed, Taylor Bo kissed my cock, and held it tight. When I tried to pull my cock out of her mouth, she quietly said, No. and held my dick tighter milking all the last drops out of the head of my cock. I stayed like that until my cock slipped from between her lips and lay flaccid against her tiny hands.

Her hands were so tiny, when she tried to wrap them around my cock, it made my dick look huge.

"Vera, we have to get back to camp. Your husband-"

"Taylor's Blowjobs always were the best. I can't believe Taylor Bow Ex-Girlfriend she was soon to be. So far, I've been able to expose Taylor on this revenge website I made of Miss teen Bow... to keep myself from thinking about her. After Taylor Bow ExGirlfriend is a bitch and a big fucking slut, and her touching me till I let her suck my cock and to rub on my cock till the cream filled her wanting mouth, and then the strip dance after school... I can't put it aside anymore"


I put up this revenge website of all the sex we had that I video taped! Like when Taylor used to place her fingers to my lips. "after she had them in her tight teen pussy." You slut you bitch, you left me for a loser and I am so much better than him. I know  Taylor Bow takes her new boyfriend's cock up her plump ass like the true slut she is! She left me cause the other guy had a nicer car and I know she is sucking his cock now, like she used to suck mine.

"I had planned to try and get her back but, Fuck You Taylor. Instead I will just show the world all our sex video tapes we made for the two year we were together, so take that you fucking bitch."

"My heart still hurts," Taylor Bow broke it into a million pieces.

"Well, Enjoy all My Revenge Videos, of me giving Taylor my cock every which way till her pussy was loose," Taylor Bow was a Cute Teen and so beautiful, I can't take that away from her.


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"Studying" at your place. They will see what we really did at your parents house. You were such a slut you wanted to fuck and suck me at your parents whether they were home or not! Taylor that shows how big of a slut for cock you really were, not that I am complaining I loved to see you naked. Your big tits round asses really turned me on!

Taylor you loved having Sex in your Aunt's guest house. Won't she be happy to find that out, She will just love knowing I was pounding your tight teen Camel Toe pussy mr.every time we went there to visit. Your aunt thought you were such a sweet and innocent teen little did she know you were naked and begging for my dick soon as we got in the guest house! 

How a really bad girl like Taylor Bow eats Pop Rocks and cocks and Taylor Bo knew how! I wonder where she got the idea from but when she put some pop rocks in her mouth and started to suck my cock it felt so good. Every time a pop rock exploded in her mouth and on my cock it dove me to the edge real fast. At the end she dump most of the pack of pop rocks in her mouth and quickly started to give me a fantastic blowjob, just as soon as the pop rocks went off so did I. She ended up swallowing the biggest load of cum deep down her throat that I ever made her swallow before!

My ex knows how to sit like a real lady, I was fucking blind sided when you left. Fucking did not see that one coming. You are a gold digging weasel. Does everyone know how much a guy's car means to you?!? You want to LOOK COOL in his RIDE? Well I will tell you a quick story. It is about a girl who was dating a nice guy with a perfectly nice car...not a 'pimp mobile' but nice. And this girl sucks another guy's cock just because he has a nicer car. Pathetic.

Taylor Said "Hi, Really I just went for a ride in his really nice car. it made my pussy tingle! Did that hurt your feelings? I am sorry honey, I swear I did not suck his dick much... I just liked his nice car a whole bunch. I must admit his sporty car made my pussy very wet, please could you finger me and finish me off. You fuck really good, too bad you don't have a nice car like he does... oh well, we will fuck anyway and then I will dump you for him in a few weeks as I am a real slut!"

"Monopoly" You wanted to win so badly that I made you suck me off. Board games are great fun. But they are even more fun if you include an easy girlfriend like Taylor who likes to get a hearty pounding from a big cock full of seamen. Taylor always loses at monopoly because she is so bad with money. But, the good thing about it is Taylor is easy so she is more than willing to work off any debts she has with sex acts. I am the dumb fuck who fell in love with Taylor Bow anyway and I am a big fucking pussy. But it feels a little better to get my revenge and show this stuff to the world.

Look everyone! A heartless bitch and a game of Monopoly together in the same room. Let's play. Before we get started I will get your warm little pussy all hot and bothered. Doesn't Taylor have a nice pussy everyone? Taylor landed on one of my hotels. Of course she didn't have any money to pay with, so she had to masturbate for me (us) with a nice juicy pink dildo that she takes everywhere with her. Here she is looking at the camera before giving my dick some quick licks. Those of you who go to college with her will enjoy how good she is at sucking cock.

Taylor always told me that she should consume plenty of protein to keep her body sexy and firm. And I always told her to eat lots of protein too and I even told her that she could eat MY brand of protein. And because Taylor Bo is such a cum queen she happily slurpped down my manly cum like teaspoons of honey. This video took place in my bedroom and she agreed to let me film it all. Wakeup Taylor! Time for a nice batch of cum for breakfast. Don't want to wake up? Then I will slap your big round tits until you do! Here is the game. Pull out my cock and give it tug jobs him like you would a nice slut. After you rub him enough, he will unload a batch of protein filled cum for you to enjoy. Thanks for playing with my cock and don't miss any Taylor Bow Blowjobs in real life if you get the chance.

ROADHEAD. You give great Blowjobs. Maybe because you did it for so many guys. Taylor bo we used to have so much fun together Taylor. You looked so cute skateboarding. You looked even cuter when we went into the laundry room and I fucked your brains out on top of the spin cycle...remember? You let me orgasm in your face so much, you must really love that spermy cum. The people who see you out getting a coffee. I wonder if they can tell what a goo gobler you are when they look at you Taylor Bo. But what can I say, who knows. I taught you how to ride the board. But you like one thing better than skateboarding, you like to get stuffed in places where we might get caught fucking. I still drool at the sight of you. Taylor Bow do you know how to make a goo gobler happy? Give her a nice giant load right in the kisser and even in the eye while driving down the road!

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Taylor Bow is known also by TaylorBow or Taylor Bo maybe TaylorBo even Tailor or Tailor Bow and lastly TailorBo too.